Order of the Scarlet Guard

The order of high merit for the pursuit of target archery in Æthelmearc.

Induction into this Order confers a Grant of Arms if the recipient has not already received one.

The badge of the order is (Fieldless) A tassle per pale gules and argent.

Thomas Spence Colby1997-10-18Principal
Connor Bowsplitter of Clan MacFarlane1997-10-18
Dennis of Greenway1997-10-18
Charles of Alden1997-10-18
Robert the Grey1997-10-18
Kormakr Ulfshofuth1999-01-30
Thomas of Bear Woods1999-03-20
Sibyl Cairnfalcon1999-07-01
Gwilym o'r Tair Afon2000-05-06
Jacopo di Niccolo2000-11-04
Ragnar Ketilsson2001-03-24
Cedric the Humble2001-08-14
Baga Aleea2003-08-12
Gille MacDhonuill2003-08-12
Caleb Reynolds2003-10-04
Cétach Fitzgibbon2004-04-22
Ambrosius MacDaibhidh2004-07-17
Ulric Wulfricsson2005-08-16
Charles Stewart O'Connor2006-04-22
Fintan na Coilled2006-05-20
Lochlainn mac Faoláin Bháin2006-08-15
Brada Æthelward2006-09-09
Urho Waltterinen2007-08-08
Francois Belgraunde2008-03-15
Deryk Archer2009-08-04
Muhallim ibn Rashid2010-09-04
Seumas MacAuslan2011-08-09
Juan Miguel Cezar2012-03-03
Brandubh Ó Donnghaile2013-08-24
Ruland Burkhart2014-03-29
Alaric MacConnal2014-08-02
Edward Harbinger2016-04-02
Cynwulf Rendell2016-07-09
Mariana Maria Pietrosanti2016-09-24
Ru Cavorst2016-10-08
Katheryn Täntzel2019-10-19