Retired Landed Barons

Those gentles who have at one point served as a territorial Baron or Baroness and have since retired from that position.

Jehan de la Marche1970-03-06Founding Baron of the Middle Marches, Middle
Robert de la Tor-Fraisse1974-04-06Founding Baron of Debatable Lands
Alric Bowbreaker of the High March1978-10-14Founding Baron of Thescorre
Morgan Argante Elandris of Cantref Gwaelon1979-01-06Founding Baroness of Rhydderich Hael
Leonard the Younger1979-02-242nd Baron of Debatable Lands
Anna Georgievna of Kiev1982-03-272nd Baroness of Debatable Lands, East
Charles Stewart O'Connor1982-04-28Founding Baron Knight's Crossing, Drachenwald, East
Andre Louis de Vincennes1982-08-21Founding Baron of Delftwood, East
Anastasia Vanessara iz Ghernigova1982-08-21Founding Baroness of Delftwood, East
Megryth Bowbreaker of the High March1983-03-19Founding Baroness of Thescorre, East
Wulfgar of Northumbria1984-06-232nd Baron of Rhydderich Hael
Etta von Felsenstrand1984-06-232nd Baroness of Rhydderich Hael
Saleem ibn Alefan ibn Iftakruddin1986-07-192nd Baron of Thescorre, East
Sadira bint Wassouf1986-07-192nd Baroness of Thescorre, East
Bedawyr of Avaricum1988-03-123rd Baron of Rhydderich Hael
Cyneric Dracaheorte1989-02-252nd Baron of Delftwood
Sibyl Cairnfalcon1989-02-252nd Baroness of Delftwood, East
Ceole Seabhac1991-03-214th Baroness of Rhydderich Hael
Deirdre de la Fleur1992-02-153rd Baroness of Delftwood
Daene Ferris1992-02-153rd Baron of Delftwood
Sym Gilchrist of Fraser1992-03-214th Baron of the Rhydderich Hael
Will Langdon of Greymorne1992-05-163rd Baron of Debatable Lands
Ardis Bluemantle1992-05-162nd Baroness of Debatable Lands, East
Devin Adair Bartholomy1992-07-183rd Baron of Thescorre
Daedra McBeth a Gryphon1992-07-183rd Baroness of Thescorre
Kyleah of the High Desert1994-04-16Founding Baroness of Blackstone Mountain, East
Marcus of Sarkel1994-04-16Founding Baron of Blackstone Mountain, East
Connor Bowsplitter of Clan MacFarlane1994-12-035th Baron of the Rhydderich Hael
Rosemund von Glinde1994-12-035th Baroness of the Rhydderich Hael, East
Juliana Richenda Trevain1995-02-114th Baroness of Delftwood
Cunedda Kell1996-04-132nd Baron of Blackstone Mountain
Alana of the Horseclans1996-04-132nd Baroness of Blackstone Mountain (East)
Tigranes of Bezabde1998-01-24Founding Baron of Endless Hills
Daene Ferris1998-02-145th Baron of Delftwood
Deirdre de la Fleur1998-02-145th Baroness of Delftwood
Wulfbrand Lurkr1998-02-14Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia
Orianna Fridrikskona1998-07-114th Baroness of Thescorre
Fridrikr Tomasson av Knusslig Hamn1998-07-114th Baron of Thescorre
Sara Charmaine of Falkensee1998-07-18Founding Baroness of St Swithin's Bog
Ailionóra ingen mhic Gafraidh1998-12-056th Baroness of Rhydderich Hael
Donnchad MacGadfraidh1998-12-056th Baron of Rhydderich Hael
Tofi Kerthjalfadsson2000-05-204th Baron of the Debatable Lands
Genevieve du Vent Argent2000-05-204th Baroness of Debatable Lands
Narah bint Dur2000-08-173rd Baroness of Blackstone Mountain
Tristen Sexwulf2000-08-173rd Baron of Blackstone Mountain
Una the Bashful2001-01-272nd Baroness of Endless Hills
Daniel Lightfoot2001-01-272nd Baron of Endless Hills
Rian Gortyroyan2001-02-106th Baron of Delftwood
Jennet the Gentle2001-02-106th Baroness of Delftwood
Aquila Blackmore2001-07-212nd Baron of St. Swithin's Bog
Ælfra Long2001-07-212nd Baroness of St. Swithin's Bog
Geirný Thorgrímsdóttir2001-12-017th Baroness of Rhydderich Hael
Otto of Westphalia2001-12-017th Baron of Rhydderich Hael
Cedric the Humble2002-07-065th Baron of Thescorre
Peregrine of Thescorre2002-07-065th Baroness of Thescorre
Tomas Devoti2002-12-144th Baron of Blackstone Mountain
Rowan le Beau2002-12-144th Baroness of Blackstone Mountain
Alonzio of the Peacemakers2003-10-185th Baron of Debatable Lands
Tatyana Kushina2003-10-185th Baroness of Debatable Lands
Isabella Ironstone2003-11-013rd Baroness of Endless Hills
Robert of Worcester2003-11-013rd Baron of Endless Hills
Oeric Lestrange2004-02-217th Baron of Delftwood
James Irvin2004-07-173rd Baron of St. Swithin's Bog
Vivienne Marie de Beauvais2004-07-173rd Baroness of St Swithin's Bog
Katherine Kersey2004-12-118th Baroness of Rhydderich Hael
William Freskyn Murray2004-12-118th Baron of Rhydderich Hael
Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina2006-07-086th Baroness of Thescorre
Eric Grenier de Labarre2006-07-086th Baron of Thescorre
Laurencia of Carlisle2006-11-11Baroness of Concordia of the Snows, East
Ulrich Drachendonner2006-11-114th Baron of Endless Hills
Clarice Roan2007-02-178th Baroness of Delftwood
Artemius Andreas Magnus2007-02-178th Baron of Delftwood
Ariella of Thornbury2007-06-166th Baroness of Debatable Lands
Thomas Byron of Haverford2007-06-166th Baron of Debatable Lands
Caleb Reynolds2007-12-159th Baron of Rhydderich Hael
Katherine Wert2008-12-065th Baroness of Blackstone Mountain
Kire MacUrsus2008-12-065th Baron of Blackstone Mountain
Jeanmaire du Domrémy2009-02-14Sacred Stone, Atlantia
Gunnar of the Endless Hills2009-11-075th Baron of Endless Hills
Barbary Rose of Endless Hills2009-11-075th Baroness of Endless Hills
Anastasie de Lamoure2010-02-139th Baroness of Delftwood
Edward Harbinger2010-02-139th Baron of Delftwood
Aquila d'Athos2010-07-107th Baron of Thescorre
Bronwyn nic Gregor2010-07-107th Baroness of Thescorre
Cynthia Love of the Tower2010-07-174th Baroness of St. Swithin's Bog
Caoinleán Seanchaidh2010-07-174th Baron of St Swithin's Bog
Constance Glyn Dwr2011-08-277th Baroness of Debatable Lands
Uilliam mac an t’Saoir2011-08-277th Baron of Debatable Lands
Carolus Loke of Bae Blaidd Gwael2011-12-1010th Baron of the Rhydderich Hael
Isolda filia Georgii2011-12-1010th Baroness of the Rhydderich Hael
Benedict Fergus atte Mede2013-02-0210th Baron of Delftwood
Helena Mützhazenin2013-02-0210th Baroness of Delftwood
Iago Benitez2013-06-155th Baron of St. Swithin's Bog
Sadira bint Wassouf2015-06-278th Baroness of Thescorre
Magnus de Lyons2015-12-1211th Baron Rhydderich Hael
Miriel du Lac2015-12-1211th Baroness Rhydderich Hael
Desiderata Drake2016-02-0611th Baroness Delftwood
Marcus Claudius Cincinnatus2016-02-0611th Baron Delftwood
Emilia O'Madigan2017-07-155th Baroness of St Swithin's Bog
Yang Hyojeon2019-05-25Far West, West
Won Cheol2019-05-25Far West, West