The royal peerage for serving once as King or Queen of a kingdom.

Receipt of this award entitles the recipient to use the title Count or Countess, or a persona appropriate equivalent.

Recept of this confers a Patent of Arms if the recipient has not already received one.

Jehan de la Marche1973-01-06East
Bearengaer hinn Raudi1974-10-24Middle
Frederick of Holland1978-04-01East
Nicorlynn of Caer Wydyr1978-04-01East
Seanan an Chasur1979-10-06East
Aidan ni Leir1979-10-06East
Barak Hasdrubal1982-10-02East
Kunegunda Henschel von Schattenberg1982-10-02East
Sedalia MacNare1984-04-14East
Viktor von dem Kleinefleusse1984-04-14East
Genevieve du Vent Argent1984-05-0519th Countess of the Middle
Eliahu ben Itzhak1984-10-13Middle
Ecaterina Amber of Tospenwood1984-10-20East
Barak Elandris Hanno von Halstern1985-04-20East
Morgunn Sheridan1985-10-05East
Rowan de la Garnison1985-10-05East
Sebastian Nightwind1987-04-11East
Sirillian Amber Tallin1987-04-11East
Beatrix von Wertenberg1988-04-09Outlands
Maurya Etain Sableswan1989-10-21East
Margaret ny Connor1992-10-03East
Timothy of Arindale1992-11-07Caid
Jana von Drachenklaue1993-04-03East
Lucan von Drachenklaue1993-04-03East
Kikuchi no Tsuranaga1993-10-09East
Brenna Catriona Dunn1994-03-1216th Countess of Trimaris
Gabrielle van Nijenrode1995-09-30East
Yngvar the Dismal1998-04-041st Count of Æthelmearc
Caryl Olesdatter1998-04-041st Countess of Æthelmearc
Anna Blackleaf1998-06-279th Countess of Drachenwald
Matthew Blackleaf1998-06-27Drachenwald
Christopher of York1998-09-192nd Count of Æthelmearc
Sven Gunnarsson1999-01-09Drachenwald
Meirwen uerch Owein1999-03-272nd Countess of Æthelmearc
Dorinda Courtenay1999-09-183rd Countess of Æthelmearc
Sigenoth the Blissful1999-09-183rd Count of Æthelmearc
Elina Einarsdottir2000-09-164th Countess of Æthelmearc
James Ahearn2000-09-164th Count of Æthelmearc
Alexandra of Clan Donald2002-04-065th Countess of Æthelmearc
Andrew MacFarlan of Wigan2002-04-065th Count of Æthelmearc
Elspeth Turnbull2003-04-056th Countess of Æthelmearc
Rurik Longsword2003-04-056th Count of Æthelmearc
Marcus Eisenwald2004-01-03Drachenwald
Henri d'Artois2004-04-177th Count of Æthelmearc
Christina de la Rose2004-09-187th Countess of Æthelmearc
Maynard von dem Steine2004-09-188th Count of Æthelmearc
Angelique de Beauvais2005-04-238th Countess of Æthelmearc
Malcolm Duncan MacEoghainn2005-09-249th Count of Æthelmearc
Tessa the Huntress2005-09-249th Countess of Æthelmearc
Robin Wallace2006-04-2210th Count of Æthelmearc
Isabeau de l'Isle2006-04-2210th Countess of Æthelmearc
Morgen of Rye2007-04-1411th Countess of Æthelmearc
Christopher Rawlyns2007-04-1411th Count of Æthelmearc
Duncan von Halstern2008-04-1212th Count of Æthelmearc
Ailis ingen uí Donnubáin2008-04-1212th Countess of Æthelmearc
Titus Scipio Germanicus2008-08-23West
Branwen ferch Gwythyr2008-09-2013th Countess of Æthelmearc
Khalek Shurrag Od2008-09-2013th Count of Æthelmearc
Althea Eastriding2009-04-11East
Líadain ní Dheirdre Chaomhánaigh2009-09-1914th Countess of Æthelmearc
Elena d'Artois le Tailleur2010-04-1015th Countess of Æthelmearc
Rosalinda of Castile2012-04-1415th Countess of Æthelmearc
Isenwulf Thorolfssone2012-04-1414th Count of Æthelmearc
Siobhán inghean uí Liatháin2012-06-16Drachenwald
Kallista Morgunova2012-09-1517th Countess of Æthelmearc
Andreas Morgan2012-09-1515th Count of Æthelmearc
Etain ingen Dalaig2014-09-2018th Countess of Æthelmearc
Magnus Tindal2014-09-2016th Count of Æthelmearc
Anna Leigh2015-04-1119th Countess of Æthelmearc
Ariella of Thornbury2016-09-2420th Countess of Æthelmearc
Thomas Byron of Haverford2016-09-2417th Count of Æthelmearc
Marguerite Louise de la Marche2017-04-2221st Countess of Æthelmearc
Gareth Kincaid2018-04-2118th Count of Æthelmearc
Juliana Delamare2018-04-2122nd Countess of Æthelmearc