Order of the Scarlet Battery

The order of high merit for the pursuit of siege weapons and combat archery in Æthelmearc.

Induction into this Order confers a Grant of Arms if the recipient has not already received one.

The badge of the order is Per fess embattled argent and gules, in chief a culverin dismounted gules charged with an escarbuncle and in base a sheaf of arrows argent.

Maghnus an Chnoic na n'Iora2012-04-14Siege Principal
Morien MacBain2012-04-14Combat Archery Principal
Rosalia Iuliana Andere2012-08-07
ArnĂ¾orr inn sterki2014-05-17
Zoe Akropolitina2014-06-14
Christopher Rawlyns2014-08-03
Aodhan MacMichael2014-08-06
Tessa the Huntress2015-08-04
Friderich Swartzwalder2015-08-04
Aquila Blackmore2019-08-07
Edward the Black2019-08-07
Boggvir Ulfuss2019-08-07