Naka Warmaiden

Companion of the Crimson Thunderbolt2010-09-21Endless Hills (Martial)
®Namara Agafonika

called "the Efficient"

Award of Arms1996-09-14
Nancy of Thescorre

Raven's Egg2006-08-14Thescorre (Helpfulness)
®Nandi of King's Crossing

Nandi O'Malley

Companion of the Sycamore2010-01-15
Nanzydon the Traveller

Companion of the Keystone2000-10-14
Companion of the Sycamore2010-06-26
Narah bint Dur

Retired Landed Baroness2000-08-173rd Baroness of Blackstone Mountain
Companion of the Fleur d'Æthelmearc2000-02-26
Court Baroness2002-12-14
Companion of the Sycamore1999-05-29
Sigil of Æthelmearc2000-04-08
Sigil of Æthelmearc2003-09-20
Natalia Nightskies

Golden Escarbuncle2020-03-07

Companion of the Keystone2019-04-13
Award of Arms2018-04-14
Companion of the Dragon's Concordium2018-09-22Rhydderich Hael (Newcomer Enthusiasm)
Neilgus of the Nagan

Companion of the Purple Comet2006-08-16Debatable Lands (Youth)
Nelle of St. Swithin's Bog


Award of Arms2003-07-19
Companion of the Silver Buccle2001-01-20
Companion of St Swithin's for Youth2000-07-22St Swithin's Bog (Youth)
Nerissa Della Badessa


Sigil of Æthelmearc2019-02-19
Nerys o'r Llwyn Dreinoic

Companion of the Sycamore1995-09-09
Award of Arms1987-12-05East
®Nest verch Rys

Briant Huntington, Nest ferch Gruffudd, Deborah Gorton

Mistress of the Pelican2018-01-24
Companion of the Millrind2013-09-21
Court Baroness2016-01-09
Companion of the Keystone2001-04-28
Companion of the Sycamore2015-09-12
Award of Arms1999-09-11
Sigil of Æthelmearc2001-03-31
Sigil of Æthelmearc2001-09-15
Sigil of Æthelmearc2015-10-24
Millstone2016-09-03Delftwood (Helpfulness)
Friend of the Endless Hills2016-10-22Endless Hills (Friendship)

Raven's Egg2015-08-03Thescorre (Helpfulness)
Niall Dirkmyer

Award of Arms1979-02-24East
Niall Dolphin

Neill MacFarlane
Expat to Atlantia
Master of the Laurel1998-09-12Atlantia
Companion of the Golden Alce1994-11-12
Companion of the Pearl1992-08-12Atlantia
Award of Arms1991-04-27Atlantia
Companion of the Silver Nautilus1997-04-19Atlantia
Companion of the Pheonix' Eye1992-06-27Sacred Stone, Atlantia
Award of the Talon of the Pheonix1992-09-26Sacred Stone, Atlantia
Baronial Award of Excellence1993-04-24Sacred Stone, Atlantia
Award of the Talon of the Pheonix1993-06-20Sacred Stone, Atlantia
Companion of the Phoenix' Claw1993-06-20Sacred Stone, Atlantia
Niall Mac Raedwulf

Companion of the Iron Comet2021-01-16Debatable Lands (Martial)
®Niall O'Gallchobair

Award of Arms1993-12-11
Niamh bean Bhrain ui Labhradha

Niamh O'labhadha, Niamh ban Bran O'Labhradha

Companion of the Keystone2011-04-09
Award of Arms2005-05-21
Niamh de Burgh

Neeve de Brugh

Companion of the Sycamore1997-03-01
Award of Arms1996-06-29
®Niccola di Cristiano

Award of Arms2005-06-04
Niccola Sebastiani

Expat to the East
Mistress of the Laurel1987-01-10East
Companion of the Maunch1985-08-17East
Award of Arms1983-03-05East
Niccolo Salvietti

Award of Arms2015-04-18
Sigil of Æthelmearc2015-04-11
Nicholas Dartmoor

Award of Arms2005-07-23
Companion of the Black Talon2006-07-08Thescorre (Martial)
Nicholas of Blackheath

Nicholas Barrie Moore
Expat to East
Award of Arms1989-10-07East
Companion of the Pillar1997-05-05Bridge, East
®Nicholas of Rivenwald

Award of Arms1996-02-10
Nicholas of the Hill Folk

Award of Arms1976-03-13East
Nicholas of Windreach

Award of Arms2008-06-07
Nicholas Rozzano

Companion of the Silver Raindrop2003-11-01Endless Hills (Reign Service)
Nicholas Sparrow

Award of Arms2014-03-29
Companion of the Red Comet2012-10-13Debatable Lands (Martial)
Nicholas the Bastard

Nikolas Hossvalder, Nikolas Hossvalder

Companion of the Gage2016-02-14
Companion of the Golden Alce2015-05-16
Award of Arms2010-09-25
Nicholas William

Companion of the Purple Comet2018-10-20Debatable Lands (Youth)
Nicodemus ben Mordecha

Companion of the Keystone2015-06-20
Award of Arms2014-03-01

Companion of the Silver Buccle2004-06-12
Nicola Beese

Companion of the Sycamore2018-10-13
Companion of the Sycamore2018-10-13
Companion of the Keystone2020-01-18
Award of Arms2018-01-13
Sigil of Æthelmearc2018-04-21
Companion of the Silver Comet2017-09-23Debatable Lands (A&S)
Nicola of Castile

Award of Arms2011-09-17

Companion of theSilver Buccle2019-04-13
Nicolas Rozzano

Award of Arms2002-04-06
Nicolaus Brion de Dertemora

Companion of the Golden Alce2006-07-08
®Nicole du Marais

Nikki of the Swamp

Companion of the Keystone2013-02-16
Award of Arms2011-02-12
Companion of the Raven's Feather2011-02-26Thescorre (Service)
Nicole of the Ravenswood

Award of Arms2016-08-08
®Nicolette Lugdun

Award of Arms2003-08-12
Nicolo Loredan da Venesia

Companion of the Golden Alce2016-05-21
Companion of the Keystone2017-05-20
Golden Escarbuncle2018-03-15
Sigil of Æthelmearc2019-04-06
®Nicorlynn of Caer Wydyr

Expat to West
Patent of Arms1978-04-01East
Lady of the Rose1978-04-01East
Companion of the Seahorse1976-03-27Ostgardr, East
Nigel of Port Oasis

Award of Arms1996-11-16
®Nigel of Southwood

Prefers Nigel Smith

Companion of the Keystone2003-10-04
Companion of the Sycamore2005-10-08
Award of Arms2001-03-31
Companion of the Cornelian2005-06-25
Æthelmearc Award of Excellence2014-03-22
Nikola Gaetano

Companion of the Keystone2020-01-01
Companion of the Golden Lamp2019-06-01Endless Hills (A&S)

Award of Arms2011-04-02
®Nikolai Kowal

Nikolai Kowalski

Companion of the Fleur d'Æthelmearc2005-03-19
Companion of the Sycamore2005-02-05
Award of Arms2003-06-21
Companion of the Comet1997-03-08Debatable Lands (Service)
Companion of the Comet Azure-Argent2002-08-11Debatable Lands (A&S)
Nikolai Lupiescu

Companion of the Golden Alce2017-04-29
Nils von der Eichenbergen

Companion of the Sycamore1999-05-22
Award of Arms1983-10-22East
Companion of the Cornelian1991-08-14
Companion of the Comet1999-02-20Debatable Lands (A&S)
Companion of the Comet Or2003-05-17Debatable Lands (Service)
Niño of Sylvan Glen

Companion of the Silver Buccle2017-02-04
Nishimura Saburou

Award of Arms2011-12-10
Noah Maceanruig

Companion of the Silver Alce2012-02-11
Noella de Feuer

Companion of the Keystone2015-04-25
Award of Arms2014-04-26

Golden Escarbuncle2018-09-29
Companion of the Iron Comet2019-06-29Debatable Lands (Martial)
Nokter von Mainz

Award of Arms1995-09-16
Nonek Wyndhaven of Anglesey

Award of Arms2018-07-14
Norman the Norman

Court Baron1990-12-08East
Award of Arms1980-09-06East
®Nu'm bint Bâb

Nu'm bint Suleiman

Companion of the Keystone1996-04-20
Award of Arms1994-02-05
Companion of the Raven's Feather2012-10-13Thescorre (Service)

Sigil of Æthelmearc2019-04-06
®Nuzha bint Saleem

Nezah bint Saleem

Mistress of the Laurel2020-02-29
Companion of the Fleur d'Æthelmearc2012-07-07
Companion of the Millrind2014-02-21
Court Baroness2013-04-20
Companion of the Sycamore1992-07-18
Companion of the Keystone2001-07-07
Award of Arms1990-09-20
Sigil of Æthelmearc2008-09-20
Sigil of Æthelmearc2013-04-20
Companion of the Tyger's Cub1988-01-30East
Companion of the Raven's Feather1992-07-18Thescorre (Service)
Companion of the Broche2011-02-26Thescorre (A&S)
Raven's Egg2016-02-20Thescorre (Helpfulness)
Raven's Egg2018-07-07Thescorre (Helpfulness)
Raven's Egg2019-02-23Thescorre (Helpfulness)
Nycalse d'Ozier la Tailleresse

Companion of the Sycamore2019-04-13
Award of Arms2019-01-26
Sigil of Æthelmearc2020-03-28
Companion of the Dragon's Concordium2019-08-24Rhydderich Hael (Newcomer Enthusiasm)